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Burren Boyo. 07-18-2019 08:52 AM

Fork Adjuster Tec.
Just received the Tec fork top adjusters for my Speed Twin. Unusual to have a cartridge in only one fork but it seems pretty straightforward dropping them in.
I’m wondering if I set these half way on the adjustment will that give me the stock setting when I drop them in?

Burren Boyo. 07-19-2019 03:15 PM

I really wanted to know where stock was before I fitted these as Iím very happy with the suspension, Iím just not so happy with the roads around these parts.
Looks like I will have to shorten my spacer ( is it plastic? ) by 8mm to have some adjustment in both directions.

Burren Boyo. 07-22-2019 03:13 PM

Have taken some measurements from the adjusters and I think the info given might be incorrect. If you buy these alone I would suggest you check all measurements before cutting the plastic spacer.
From measuring the old and new adjusters I believe you will have to cut off 11-12mm to get you to stock equivalent, and allow plus/minus adjustment.
Iím going to drop George at Tec an e mail.
Thereís only 10mm of adjustment so if you want to get anything out of it, itís important how much you cut off the spacer.

Burren Boyo. 07-23-2019 01:12 PM

Ok got an update from George at Tec and the initial 8mm is for another fork top adjuster........, So if you buy these for a Speed Twin you will have to reduce the plastic spacer by 11mm to replicate stock and give equal +/- adjustment.
Measure twice cut once.:grin2:

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