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Gary Collier 05-06-2019 03:14 PM

Rust on spoked wheels
I have 2015 T-Bird LT brought it last November with only 730miles clocked, it has spent it life on Isle of White so been in contact with salt water which has rusted the wheels.
Rest of bike is perfect so i'm looking what alternatives there are.

SPWL 05-08-2019 04:39 AM

Hi Garry

I also live on a small island (not a million miles from the IOW) and ride a 2015 T-bird LT. I use ACF 50 on my wheels and also on all hidden parts (be very careful not to get it on the disks or the tires!:crying:) With your wheels you will need to see if you can clean the rust off and then see how pitted the wheels are. Scotch-bright is great for cleaning off rust, but be very gentle to start (best to use a fairly worn piece first). Even if there is some pitting on the wheels the ACF 50 will stop it getting any worse.

If your wheels are past renovation I believe the only option is to replace them with the same. There was a thread a while ago on the subject of fitting Commander wheels to the LT but I don't know if anyone has done it.

If you do find an alloy replacement wheel then let me know.

Good luck


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