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Help me - confused like anything....

Namaste and Hello from India to fellow riders. Currently I ride a suzuki hayabusa, but I am planning to say it a final good bye and thinking to pick up a cruiser.

Well here comes the real deal, I am really confused, as I can't decide which crusier should I buy, tie is in between Harley Davidson Fatboy (Harley came into India in 2010) and soon to be launched Triumph Thunderbird Storm (launching in 2012).

Now, I want to know how good is Triumph Thunderbird Storm when it comes to handling, reliability. Have heard high praises about it everywhere. Is TTS a good bike for long cruising.

On the other hand Harley Davidson Fatboy is one of the best selling Harley, seems to be comfortable, find it very attractive looking bike, but somehow I am not able to find many reviews and comments about HDF over the internet.

I need a comfortable cruiser which I can ride for 3k to 4k Kilometers on a trip, should be comfortable and peppy enough for fast takeovers.

Really appreciate your input.


Same thread is going on at one of the Harley Davidson forum

Want to have opinion of both communities.
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They're both great bikes. You'll get a lot of opinions, but what it finally comes down to: which one do you like better. There are a lot more options for upgrades and aftermarket parts for the Harley, but I think you'll find the T-Bird is a little more comfortable at stock and more reliable.

BTW the Harley owners will probably hate on the T-Bird because they hate anything other than Harleys. I hate to stereotype, but they did it to themselves

UNI pods, AI removed, de-baffled TORs, relocated battery, custom bobbed fender, custom wiring, etc
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Harley riders will not hate on the TBird, because it is not Japanese. The Japanese cruisers tend to want to mimic the HD look (with a few exceptions such as the M109) while ANYTHING Triumph, just does it's own thing.

Thunderbird, easier to move, HD comfy.
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Yep, any triumph forum is gonna tell you to get a harley not a triumph, and any triumph forum is going to tell you to buy the triumph. However, there are totally different reasons. Triumph owners compare using facts, harley guys compare using emotions. They love harleys for reasons that have little to do with the bike's performance, reliability, handling, or any other factual non subjective details. I will tell you the facts,,,

1)-pretty much no harley is going to handle as well as the Tbird, most not remotely close

2)-few harleys will keep up with the 1600 tbird, none except the Vrod will likely keep up with the 1700 Tbird.

3)-Tbird won cruiser of the year in cycle world's yearly shootout among cruisers and every review with the exception of possibly one i have seen has raved about it and called it the best handling cruise they've ridden.

I would also say the bird is likely more reliable, but being a new model i can't say that is a fact, tho so far it seems to be shaping up that way. By the way, the storm is already out and many people are riding them now ! And a big thing to consider is that the storm is the 1700 engine while the regular Tbird is the 1600. However, the 1700 pistons and cam kit is available and with dealer installation the cost is around $1700-2000 USD depending on the shop. I went that way, and i have heard from 2 sources that the kit may actuially have hotter cams and therefore stronger than the storms engine. Thats NOT a fact, but coming from 2 sources it's possible i suppose. So it is *possible* you may get more power going that route. But the best reason to go that route is if you prefer the regular Tbird to the storm. And speaking of that, aside from the cosmetic differences they are the EXACT SAME BIKE in every way except the handlebars and 1700 engine and twin headlights. So they will handle the same and perform the same assuming you do the 1700 kit to the regular Tbird.

And lastly let me say a thing or two about the engines. In a word, get the 1700 ! Whether by getting the storm or by getting the regular bird and having the kit put in, the 1700 is really the way to go. I'm running the 1700 with triumph short pipes, a uni filter, and a custom map and the bike is far far more powerful than the stock 1600 or even quite a bit more than a stock 1700. The stock pipes and tune are very mild and the engine doesn't run optimally at all. Once it is you will have passing power to spare.
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I pretty much agree with dazco except there are reasons for buying the 1600. Cheaper fuel and using less of it, which is much more of a concern in India, come to mind. And frankly, the 1600 has all the power I need, so why go the extra cost? I've ridden both and the 1700 is impressive. I just don't want to pay for something that is going to cost me more money and I will rarely use as long as I own it.

I've been riding over 50 years and have never been as impressed by any bike as I am with the Thunderbird. I guess what it boils down to is, the Harley is for showing off. The Thunderbird is for functionality, reliability and getting an all around bike that will adapt well to most anything you ask of it.

Now, let's go have a nice Vindaloo and a Kingfisher.
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Just depends on whether the extra power is something you want or not. but lets be honest....thats 100% subjective. Personally i find it worlds more enjoyable and much better for passing as he said was a concern. Then again he may feel the same as you....that it's adequate. But again, thats subjective.

MPG however is not, and you are correct. However, it's not bad. Mine gets noticeably less because i'm running a custom map with tors and filter and 02 sensors removed. Stock tho the 1700 is only about 2-3 MPG less which is only about 10-15 miles per tank which i think most will find easily acceptable for the extra power.
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Between a friend with the Storm and my 1600, we see a 6 to 8 mile per gallon difference, consistently. I haven't been to India in quite a few years, and I know there have been many amazing changes that they have a right to be very proud of, but I suspect that the outlay for gasoline is a larger part of their income than ours is. That makes it a bit larger priority for them than us. If the gentleman lives in Delhi, I suspect that traffic has not lessened
making the extra power in the Storm a bit useless.
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That shouldn't be considered the norm between the 1600 and 1700 tho because there are guys who get down into the 30's with 1600's and guys getting almost 50 with the 1700. There are probably a ton of reasons why. But look at me...i had the 1600, then got the 1700 kit. The difference was only 2-3 as i said, and thats with the same rider, same roads, everything the same except the pistons and cams. Granted, i get about 4-5 less now after modding things a bit and getting a good deal of power for it. But thats different.

That video is nuts !!! LOL!!! But heres the thing....if thats the only riding he'd be doing it would be foolish to get any Tbird, but instead a 250 or such would be better ! I'd bet if he's after a Tbird he's not going to only be riding in conditions like that. But if he is then i 1700 for sure. i'd be looking at a bonneville.

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I'm with you on the Bonnie, but there are back roads out of town too. If he's coming off of a Hayabusa............well, a 250 might be a bit much of a drop. I'd still go for the TBird. It's such an outstanding machine!
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Hi Rider,

When I was researching for my bike it came down to your exact options, in fact I started off with the mindset that I WOULD purchase the Fat Bob. I had never even heard of the Triumph Storm at the time. The first time I laid my eyes on the Storm though it felt akin to locking eyes with a very attractive girl. From that point forward I coudn't get the storm off my radar, you see the Harley dealer is 3 miles from my house and the Triumph dealer is around 70 miles from my house. But every time I went to the Harley dealer (which was a lot) I kept finding myself thinking about the Storm.

Everything about purchasing a Storm from a time standpoint was very inconvenient for me, but if I don't buy what I truely want I will have buyers remorse. I have absolutly no regrets with my storm.

A buddy of mine has the 2011 Hayabusa, I believe they are the fastest production bikes made (stock out the door). The Storm will be a much different ride, make sure you pick the bike that makes you feel good. Coming from a sportbike the Storm seems like a more natural switch than the Harley Fat Bob (ride a Fat Bob and you will FEEL why that is)

I have nothing bad to say about Harley or even more to the point a Fat Bob. With Harley you will get much more chrome, service convience and lets face it Harley is THE most known crusing bike from a branding standpoint. The Fat front tire on the Bob looks great IMO but hinders your cornering ability.

The Triumph Storm handles much smoother at high speed and corners, and the midrange torque on the Storm will make you smile every time you punch it out of a turn.

I live outside of Detroit, MI. and most of the people around here ride Harleys. Six of my buddies at work have Harleys (which is why I was initially so set on getting one), but I catch them all the time looking at my "woman". In fact Harley guys always check out my bike, most saying something to the effect of, "I didn't know Triumph made such a nice looking cruiser"

At the end of the day it all comes down to what bike makes you FEEL good, and if you pick your bike based off that you can't go wrong.
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