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I picked up a low mileage 765 RS that had a Yoshi slip-on fitted which as those who are familiar with them would know do sound great.
The previous owner didn't run the dB killer but i found on the highway portion of my daily commute, and with the stupid low gearing in 6th, that the noise was just obnoxious.
So for the first time in my life i actually fitted the killer and whilst the volume level is almost the same the sound is now far more acceptable and not at all bothersome.

During the fitting process though i did note that the single retaining screw really appeared to do bugger all and i had concerns about it staying put.
Sure enough after about 4000k's it blew out somewhere on my travels and i'm back to that bloody annoying sound on the highway.

So, just wondering if anyone has a dB killer sitting around doing nothing that they might want to part with?

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