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Hello all!

Well I own a 2003 Speed Triple. I was hit in memphis on an off ramp then ran into a guard rail. I was fine, but the bike was not. Bent forks, bent front wheel (slightly), messed up oil cooler and lines.

So far I have put new forks on, new oil cooler and lines, and bought a new front wheel.

I ordered a 2001 Speed Triple wheel because it looked identical on ebay and I thought the part numbers matched fine. I was dumb to pull the trigger so fast because as soon as I got it i realized the axle sizes are different from the 01' to 03'.

I thought maybe I could swap the bearings and sleeve but I noticed that the 01' has 25x47x12mm bearings while the 03' has 20x42x12mm.

A shop quoted me $200 to machine a custom sleeve and spacers to go into the larger bearings but for that price I figured I better do a more OEM approach.

What do I do in this situation.. can I find 20x47x12mm bearings and use my 03' sleeve, should I just trash or try to sell the 01' wheel and find an 03' wheel? I know people have done some mods up front using GSXR forks and wheels, so this can't be out of the question.. right? Looking for a price effective solution.

Thank you all and any help would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone IS interested in trading for the correct wheel, I'd be fine with that too. I just wanna be back on my lady again.
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