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I've been a fan of the naked bikes and have considered adding one to my collection for some time now. Looked at Monsters, Shivers, and even a big fat B-King (when you own a Busa, it's hard not to consider it).

Anyhow, I drove home on a Matte Black '09 S3 today and I haven't stopped grinning yet. I've ridden a Sprint ST previously and loved it, but this is a whole different ballgame. What a blast!

I'm not used to small, light, powerful bikes and this one makes me want to ride wheelies all day long! I bought it as my daily commuter after trading in my '02 BMW K1200RS (what a POS....but that's a whole other story).

No questions for you all yet.....but I'm sure more will come.

I just had to chuckle as I looked in the garage and now I have a 2, 3, 4 combo sitting in the garage. KTM 950 Adventure (twin), S3 (triple), and the evil bitch Hayabusa (inline 4).

I am glad that the other bikes are "purpose" bikes as I ride the dirt on the KTM and drag race the Busa. It's a good thing because they wouldn't get ridden much on the street now that the S3 has moved in........there goes the neighborhood!

Glad to be part of the community -
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