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Make a mens jacket and label it one size smaller than usual. That is the secret behind most of the motorcycle clothing for women. Well it is time to say no to ill-fitting sleeves, dangly crotches and looking like, as heard on our Facebook page, "little bro from A Christmas story". We make our womens suit to your exact measurements. We know that off-the-rack sizing can be quite a pain for women motorcyclists and Teiz is here to fix that problem. We dont make alterations - We make a brand new pattern just for YOU!

Along with that great fit, you get incredible protection thanks to Sas-Tec armor and SuperFabric ballistics. Add the versatility of our removable rain suit, Exkin Air thermal liner and multiple vents to end up with an amazing 4 season suit.

Dont like the usual pink jackets with skulls and glitter? Choose from our twelve color options for something that is more YOU!

A one piece suit has several advantages over a jackets & pants combination. Superior protection is just the beginning. Since these suits are easy to put on and take off, in less than 30 seconds, it means that you more likely to wear your gear. The ability to wear the suit over street clothes give you the flexibility of taking off the suit every time you take a break. No need to even take off your boot for that. So eat lunch in peace instead of walking around in bulky riding gear. Any kind of riding gear gets hot and feels heavy when you are not moving and you will thank us for giving you the ability of strip down to you favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt underneath!

Apart from the obvious benefits for touring, if you ride to work, the one piece suit is going to make the process a whole lot more mangable. No need to arrive at work and change from riding gear to your work clothes. Just wear the work outfit underneath the suit, arrive at work and simply slip off the suit. Or how about when you want to go out for dinner or a movie and dont want to enter the restaurant in riding gear. One piece suits are versatile, practical, convenient and SAFE! You will love them!!!!!! Not tested with skirts :)


  • Full custom sizing. Made to your measurements!
  • Full array of Sas-Tec armor including knee, elbow, shoulder and Level 2 Back protectors.
  • Outer shell is made from a combination of Super Fabric, Cordura & 600Denier T-TEX
  • Removable Exkin thermal liner that is half the weight yet four times the warmth of Dupont Thermolite
  • Removable Drench Quench waterproof liner that can be worn separately as a full rain suit.
  • Vents on the arms, chest, underarms, knees and back
  • Adjustable arms, waist and legs for a fine-tuned fit
  • Plenty of stretch panels, pockets and reflective stripes
  • Access pockets on each side so you can access the inner pants. These also work great as a pass-through for heated gear cords
  • Easy on/off in less than 30 seconds - with your boots on
  • Designed & sizes to be worn over regular street clothing

More pictures on the product page.

Color Choices:

Please see product page for details:
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