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Winter storage

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Even though I live on Vancouver Island, and could basically ride year-round, I've decided to park the Sprint for the winter. I've lots of experience storing a bike for the winter, but have been wondering lately...

Why do I need to replenish the oil when I drain out the old oil? I'm not riding it any where, and have no plans to fire her up. It has always had synthetic oil so the parts should be well protected since I believe synth oil stays on the metal parts much longer than dino oil.

Any thoughts about this??

Must say, I had an enjoyable time this year and look forward to '07!

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I have a similar question, my bike has synthetic oil in it, a few months old, with about 1 thousand miles since its been changed (which was at the 500 mile service). So, well below the 5 thousand miles the oil supposedly is good for. But I've heard it's good to change the oil before storage; and I even have a friend with a Ducati who, ridiculously in my opinion, changes his oil every thousand miles, w/ fresh oil before storage, and fresh oil after storage. He's oil change mad. So what's the reasoning here, is it just peace of mind or is there some tangible benefit to putting new oil in the crankcase and to coat the internal parts versus 1000 mile old but still reasonably fresh oil. I would definately understand changing it if we're talking about oil with a full seasons use or 3+ K miles on it, but here we're talking about only 1 K miles. Also I have Stabil that i've been using, putting it in my ancient Lambretta, its 4+ years old but I still have some left. Does Stabil also last forever or does it go stale like gasoline does?
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OK, thanks Kevin, for the info. So I see that you did your first oil change after the 500 mile one at 1200 miles. Is this because the engine was still breaking in and therefore its good to do that oil change extra early? Well, that makes sense, I think I'll arrange to do this oil change the next time I'm out in Connecticutt, for that reason plus the storage reason, now it definately makes sense for me to do it.
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