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Winter storage

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Even though I live on Vancouver Island, and could basically ride year-round, I've decided to park the Sprint for the winter. I've lots of experience storing a bike for the winter, but have been wondering lately...

Why do I need to replenish the oil when I drain out the old oil? I'm not riding it any where, and have no plans to fire her up. It has always had synthetic oil so the parts should be well protected since I believe synth oil stays on the metal parts much longer than dino oil.

Any thoughts about this??

Must say, I had an enjoyable time this year and look forward to '07!

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Twin, I'm pretty anal about oil, so it would be a tough call.

It'll probably be ok until spring but would change it before it really comes out of hibernation in the spring.

I changed mine at 500, then around 1,200, then 5,000 and will do so around 8,500 in anticipation of the 12,000 mile service.
In every car I've ever owned I've changed the oil at around 1,000 miles, then at 3,000 and every 3,000 thereafter. I have been rewarded by very high mileage and reliable engines. It's cheap insurance against engine failure.

As it turns out with the bike, I was taking a 2-day basic motorcycle maintenance class at the local community school around the time the bike was at 1,200 miles. So I supplied the oil & filter and got expert help on how to do it.

I strongly recommend such a course to anyone who's not a wrencher. I learned a ton. For you NJ guys, PM me if you need more info.

Good luck GT! :cool:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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