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Winter storage

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Even though I live on Vancouver Island, and could basically ride year-round, I've decided to park the Sprint for the winter. I've lots of experience storing a bike for the winter, but have been wondering lately...

Why do I need to replenish the oil when I drain out the old oil? I'm not riding it any where, and have no plans to fire her up. It has always had synthetic oil so the parts should be well protected since I believe synth oil stays on the metal parts much longer than dino oil.

Any thoughts about this??

Must say, I had an enjoyable time this year and look forward to '07!

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Hi all,
Actually hootie, if you think about it, say you have two pots on the stove, one full of water, and one empty. If you turn on the two heating elements, which pot heats up first? When you turn off the elements, which pot cools first?

IMHO, you are better off to change the oil, get all of the undesirables out of the oil pan, and fill it with new oil to help make temp. changes gradual and maybe keep the machine in ridable condition. At least with new oil in, you could fire it every week or so for a good warm up and keep the fuel fresh and save yourself storage set up and spring set up(maybe even ride on a nice day).

If I drained the oil for storage, I would probably forget there was no oil in the engine. The first day out for me would be very unpleasant.

Good luck,
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