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Moderator note: We feature here from our archives one of our earliest Bike of the Month winners !

Bike of the Month - May 1958

Here's my 1958 Norton Nomad 750 Special.
Too many goodies to list, but the highlights are: 34mm single Mikuni, N15 pipes, Atlas silencers, ES2 touring seat.
The bike was bought by my father in 1969 and he rode for a few years untilt he engine blew up (big surprise...)
It sat in my Grandfathers barn until 1985-ish when my uncle took it to his place near Smithers BC. He got it running but never got it 100% finished or complete. When he passed in 2005, I took posession of the bike and spent the next three years restoring and finishing the bike. I ride it every chance I get now.

It ain't a Triumph? So what.....

The before picture: (Mod note: ex factory)

Just a thought...
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