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BURSIG frame-lift motorcycle stands are a uniquely versatile option for maintenance, storage, and space management in tight spaces. Invented by German racer Sebastian Bursig (current 1290 SuperDuke cup champion) while competing in the GSXR Cup series in the early 2000s, Sebastian saw the need for a new type of stand which would be quicker, easier and more versatile to use, and the BURSIG stand was born. The first prototype was built for the K5 GSXR 1000, and Sebastian soon had requests from fellow racers in the pits to build more. Full scale commercial production began in Germany in 2006, with the line-up of supported motorcycles rapidly swelling to over 115 different models.

Since 2005 over 15,000 stands have been shipped to over 70 countries around the world. Currently over 50 race teams worldwide utilize the stands, including:

Yamaha Motorsports


Apex Mfg.

Wilbers BMW IDM Team

Fastbike Service IDM Team

GTR Racing Team

HPC Power Suzuki Team Langstrecken Meister 2014

BURSIG continues to expand, with support for brand new models as well as 30+ year old classics. As always, every stand comes with a lifetime warranty and full factory support.

Key features:

--Lifetime warranty

--Lightweight yet sturdy one-piece construction with high-quality caster wheels

--100% made in Germany. Laser cut, hand welded, and constructed from very high-grade metals

--FREE adapter plate exchange when you buy a new bike! Send us the old one, we send you the new one! Seriously!

--Continuing support for new and classic models (some of them have been made exclusively because for forum member requests!)

--Lifetime US and factory support

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I use the same stand with multiple bikes?

A. Yes. If the bikes are the same model you can use the same adapter plate and stand for both bikes, provided each bike has the appropriate frame sleeve installed. If you would like to lift two or more different models, each model requires a specific adapter plate to be installed on the stand. In these cases you can use the same stand, but you will have to change the adapter plate each time you lift a different model motorcycle.

Q. Can the bike fall off the stand?

A. No. Once lifted, the bike can not be pushed or pulled off the stand. Only the simultaneous use of the lifting handle and the release of the locking pin will lower the bike.

Q. I have aftermarket rearsets (or other parts), are they compatible?

A. Yes, in almost all cases. If you have concerns, contact us and we can verify your specific fitment.

Q. Can I use the stand for long-term storage?

A. Yes, absolutely! Storing your bike on a BURSIG is not only safe and convenient, but also prevents wear by unloading the suspension and brakes. Many customers use their stands for exactly this purpose.

Q. Can the stand be transported?

A. Yes. It is a one-piece design for maximum strength, but weighs only 35 pounds and has removable wheels so that you can bring it just about anywhere.

Q. Can the wheels be used on rough surfaces?

A. Yes. The high quality caster wheelset will roll on gravel, dirt, and cracked asphalt with ease. Driveways and garages with harsh transitions are typically not a problem.
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