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..... I am!!!

I'd like to get on with some mods to my '09 Scrambler but feel hand cuffed by not having a PC available. I sent a note off to Dynojet last week and got the following reply:

We do have plans on making a unit for it. We just can't get a bike here to look at. As of right now we have no ETA.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

Mike Shefler
Dynojet Research Inc.

Now, if someone was located near them, they have offices in Las Vegas, Nevada & Belgrade, Montana, and would make their Scrambler avialable Dynojet and I would be humbled. More then likely they would provide you a free PC and a tune for your help.

Any takers?????

Regards, Paul

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Get a tuneboy. the tunes are already available for it and you can muck about way more and get full diagnostics.
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