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Alright ladies and gents....and Cheapbastard...hehe...i have a proposition for all ya ll in the good ole States...

Who here on these Triumph forums would welcome a fellow traveling Triumph owner into their place without meeting them?

You might ask why.... good question...well it has been a plan in the working of mine and the the girlfriend to do a ride across the country next summer. She is graduating from UCLA and wants to do a road trip for a couple months come late spring/summer.... We have places in Washington, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee, and other places that we have friends or relatives.

I have been on this site for a good time and i think it would be a blast to meet some of you faukers...haha... We plan on renting out our place and just making the best of it till we get tired or run out of road...We want to cover lots of the country and see most of the usual tourist hot spots...We want to keep it light/ minimal baggage and document the journey(via blog and photos) along the way.

As of right now....there isn't a definite route, that will take shape in a few months. I just know that it would be nice getting valuable info from the locals like yourselves. Who knows we might meet some new friends along the way....

Let us know what ya ll think...Thanks Dano...

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I'm envious! I'd like to do the same thing but I'm a lot closer to retirement than college graduation. :-D

You're welcome to spend some time in our guest room. Depending on our schedule at the time, our offer will range from a bed to riding together for a day or two to show you some of NY. We're in Binghamton in central NY. We could introduce you to some New York wine, Finger Lakes, speedies (local stuff) and anything else available at the time.

Keep us in mind.

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