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Well, it's settled. I rode an XCx, liked it, but the best the dealer could do was $7,500 and my cream puff '13 XC for a new XCx. It was a decent deal, but over my limit on $/cost/benefit. I ran a retail computer store for years, understand margins and costs and all, he offered a fair deal. I will leave for the coast to coast ride on the '13 - though with street tires [I'm going to try the Shinko 705s] in place of the knobbies.
And I will be keeping an eye out for a good used XCx.

Sidebar: the street-tired XC models I tried had noticeable turn-in compared to the very light-touch knobbies. I will adjust to it, and then the knobbies will probably feel funny.

Thanks for the comments.
The XCx WP suspension is very good in my opinion. It really soaks up the bumps. Much better than my Tiger 1050 Showa suspension.
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