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the things i have on my list were first the
YZF600R *still is if i can find it for real cheap*
daytona 955i
daytona 600
and i just learned about the daytona 650 after reading these forums for 20min
*im a little confused about the 600,650 , 675... give me background info on it... which was produced during which years , and etc... these numbers confuse me

i have cruiser riding experiance for about a year... and that is all *vstar-1100* this will be my first sports

i dont care about track that much... i might see one once a year... later on... that is all

i do care alot about real world performance... confort... and being able to ride for more than 1hr...

so far the things putting me against any of the daytonas... are its hard to find... they probably only produced a model for one year. and rumors about bad build quality... and expensives repairs and services... not realy the best thing for an 18year old on a moderate budget?

what do you guys say?\

oh also... one more model... the TT600... what do you guys think about that one too?

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I can' answer all the questions. But I can tell you the like the dates for the Daytona 600 and 650. The 675 just started selling this year. Out of thos 3, the 600 and 650 are inline 4 cylinders. The 675 is a triple like the 955. But this bike is set up more for race style. The TT600 is also a inline 4. The way I guess to describe the TT and the Daytona 600/650 bikes are like comparing the way Yamaha set up the YZR600 compared to the R6. The TT600 is a nice riding bike, more for comfort. My friend has one, and I actually rode it from the dealer to his house. He was somewhat new, and wasn't comfortable yet riding on the freeway.

The D600 was first, then the D650 I believe replaced that one. Now the 675 replaced the D650. Hope this sorta clears things up.

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Chronologically, the TT600 is the earliest, from 2000 to 2003. The Daytona 600 was sold in 2003 and 2004, the 650 in 2005. All these were four-cylinders. The Daytona 675 is a brand-new triple.

The 2000 TTs were problematic, apparently; the fuel injection was terrible until Triumph got it straight. The later ones are OK and, in case you're wondering, will eat a YZF600 alive. Right now they're available for as little as 4k dollars. If I could talk SWMBO into it, I'd get one to go along with my Trophy.

Edit: The 600/650 series bikes were all hamstrung by the fact that Triumph simply couldn't keep up with their Japanese rivals. 600-class sport bikes are the best-selling sport bikes in the U.S. Yamahonkawzuki are well aware of that and spend their development dollars appropriately.

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