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Yes, I have seen the same problem! The OEM Metzeler front had a distinct axial run-out...probably 2-3+mm which was easily seen if you glanced down quickly while riding. On a second glance you would see that the front rim itself running quite true, with little discernible run-out.

Needless to say, this had an ill effect on front end stability, both in a straight line, and especially when cornering with the contact patch dancing around! That tire is now in the landfill, and even my 'temporary' Cheng-Shin Barracuda runs very true on the same rim, and it grips surprisingly well! (Hey... I can hear snickering!:laughhard:)

I'm swapping to a 17" front wheel which is being polished right now, and I just put the Cheng on there temporarily (it's nearly new and was in my garage) so I could ride...I just couldn't stand one more mile of that crappy warped Metz!

I really like my new Pirelli Diablo rear, and can hardly wait to get it's mate up there on the front end!

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