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Whats its worth?

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I have been offered a share into business opportunity and theres part of me toying with the idea of selling my beloved Bonnie to help fund it.
I’m still in two minds about it - partly because I don’t have a clue what its worth - and I’d probably end up wanting to buy it back in a year or two.

Any of you guys know what its worth?

Its a 2001 Carb model, with 5,200 miles on and I have a letter with the bike stating that it was the 4th Bonneville to come of the Hinckley line.
When I brought it I wanted a bike that looked old but rode like new, so I’ve down the following:
Added Rev counter from later models (keeping the original speedo in place)
Removed the secondary Air injection system.
Uprated and balanced the carbs with 41 pilot jets set to 3 and 128 main jets
Fitted Thruxton Carb needles with a .5mm shim to give more mid-range
Removed the baffle & snorkel from the airbox
Fitted a K&N Air Filter
Changed to a Blue Flame coil and leads
Fitted an hi flow bell-mouth
Upgraded the exhaust to a pair of Norman Hyde Togas with the mutes removed
Fitted larger (110 & 150) A40 Adventure tyres
Upgraded the brakes to EBC HH slintered steel
Change the gearing ratios with a 19t sprocket for higher top speed and a more relaxed cruise.
Added larger exhaust fins to help cooling
Upgraded the clutch to an EBC heavy duty to cope with the extra power
Added a grab rail
Changed the seat to a British classic two-tone
Added a headlight guard.
Fitted original knee pads from a 1968 bike
Changed to smaller bar-end mirrors
Fitted fork gaiters.
Changed to smaller indicators
Added a chrome chain guard
Fitted smaller indicators
Added a 1967 Tax disc with period holder
Upgraded the warning lights to brighter LEDs.

So what do you think its worth?

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I would take it to Trifest 2023 (just outside Bristol) and stick a "For Sale" notice on it. You will soon find out what it's worth.
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