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Whats its worth?

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I have been offered a share into business opportunity and theres part of me toying with the idea of selling my beloved Bonnie to help fund it.
I’m still in two minds about it - partly because I don’t have a clue what its worth - and I’d probably end up wanting to buy it back in a year or two.

Any of you guys know what its worth?

Its a 2001 Carb model, with 5,200 miles on and I have a letter with the bike stating that it was the 4th Bonneville to come of the Hinckley line.
When I brought it I wanted a bike that looked old but rode like new, so I’ve down the following:
Added Rev counter from later models (keeping the original speedo in place)
Removed the secondary Air injection system.
Uprated and balanced the carbs with 41 pilot jets set to 3 and 128 main jets
Fitted Thruxton Carb needles with a .5mm shim to give more mid-range
Removed the baffle & snorkel from the airbox
Fitted a K&N Air Filter
Changed to a Blue Flame coil and leads
Fitted an hi flow bell-mouth
Upgraded the exhaust to a pair of Norman Hyde Togas with the mutes removed
Fitted larger (110 & 150) A40 Adventure tyres
Upgraded the brakes to EBC HH slintered steel
Change the gearing ratios with a 19t sprocket for higher top speed and a more relaxed cruise.
Added larger exhaust fins to help cooling
Upgraded the clutch to an EBC heavy duty to cope with the extra power
Added a grab rail
Changed the seat to a British classic two-tone
Added a headlight guard.
Fitted original knee pads from a 1968 bike
Changed to smaller bar-end mirrors
Fitted fork gaiters.
Changed to smaller indicators
Added a chrome chain guard
Fitted smaller indicators
Added a 1967 Tax disc with period holder
Upgraded the warning lights to brighter LEDs.

So what do you think its worth?

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I would suggest you sell it for whatever you can get for it...probably in the $4,000 to $4,500 (U.S. $) range and invest the money in the business you are looking at. Buy another or a later year air cooled bike when you can afford it and don't look back. I doubt you'd find any bank interesting in giving you a loan on the bike, it really isn't all that special. Usually aftermarket pieces/parts you don't recover what you spent on them - if you removed this or that, those pieces are not worth all that much - I know this is hard to believe, but that is pretty much the reality on bikes. The '01 was nice, but later years were probably better machines. My '08 carb model (U.S.) is far better than the '01 Bonneville that I had purchased new. Good luck with all of this...
It seems to me that there is sometimes more demand than supply on aftermarket parts for older Triumphs. If I ever part w/my '05 America I'm pretty certain I could sell the footboards, custom seat and other items for a good profit. JMHO
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