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What sort of fuel consumption does your trip computer indicate? lt/100km answers only please!

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My bike is still quite new, I've covered just a bit more than 1000km and I get a 7.2lt/100km indicated fuel consumption. I wonder if this is average of what indications other people are getting.

Pls. don't start quoting mpg indications as I'm challenged in anything but metric :???:
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My long term average is 5.85l/100K I weigh about 130Kg all kitted up.

If you want to see how a Sprint performs over all sorts of conditions over 29000Km have a look at this -
SprintST FuelConsumption

On 2006-12-19 14:34, flyingbiker wrote:
Fuel conservation is not a priority when I buy a bike, but I like to track the numbers as one measure of the bikes health. Just switched to the 18T, so will see what (if any) measurable effect that has.
AS do I flyingbiker hence my use of a spreadsheet to track all fills and maintenance. The XLS version is here: Sprnit Fuel Consumption XLS

more details are available at my sprint site below.

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flyingbiker the XLS link should now be fixed.

I like your logic re: the 18T sprocket. If I change I'm more likely to go 45T rear. Not quite as big a change (about 4% instead of >5%) but should still improve acceleration. Also doesn't impact chain length and adjustment at all.

Just been too lazy to do anything about it :)

Have a good one, Russ
I wonder why to Nikos, but am willing to try as so far, everyone who's lowered the gear ratio (on the 1050) raves about it nearly as much as the 955 owners.

On 2006-12-20 16:26, vdlcinc wrote:
On 2006-12-20 03:20, ruscook wrote:
AS do I flyingbiker hence my use of a spreadsheet to track all fills and maintenance. The XLS version is here: Sprnit Fuel Consumption XLS
Holy smokes, Russ... and I thought I was anal... :-D
Yeah, sad I know :)

I wish I had the patience to keep track of all that stuff too...
I only record kms, total paid, and cents per litre at each fill. Mostly this is on the docket except for the km, so it's not hard to keep/enter. The rest is just formula that I copy from the line below as I insert a new line. This means keeping the history on my bikes is easy. More than one dealer has been impressed when I had them these as printouts at trade in time... All maintenance, tyres, services and fill ups :) .

Feel free to grab the XLS version of the spreadsheet if it interests you (or anyone else)

On 2006-12-20 21:52, Sprint2 wrote:
Stuffed if I know how some can get into the 5s let alone the 4s.The last 9 hours 50 minutes of touring riding I have averaged 6.3 litres per 100k.Vary rarely to I get under that(never in the 5s) and quite often its 6.5 or worse and thats with a standard tune,modified exhaust,K&N filter and 37000 ks.
Iceman, we must have better riding roads!!! :) :) :)
Hmmm. consider I weigh 130KGs kitted up and have done many a road i.e 80-150kms at a time, at 120-180 and some at 160-180 kph I don't know why you can't match that econonmy...

I use either premium unleaded or E10 both have a 95 RON ratingin in Oz.

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