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What sort of fuel consumption does your trip computer indicate? lt/100km answers only please!

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My bike is still quite new, I've covered just a bit more than 1000km and I get a 7.2lt/100km indicated fuel consumption. I wonder if this is average of what indications other people are getting.

Pls. don't start quoting mpg indications as I'm challenged in anything but metric :???:
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my riding is not too spirited,about half the time 2 up,and often cruising on the open road (90-120kph).
My long term consumption figure is on 5.6l/100km at the moment (after a 6 hour cruisy ride on Sunday) but it sometimes goes up to about 6.
The instantaneous figure is interesting to watch - it goes up and down depending on how you are riding at the time.
My bike has done 11,000km

Grant :cool:
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