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What I did with my classic Triumph today?

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As a Hinkley triple owner (don't hate me guys!) I sometimes also read the threads on that section of the Triumph Rat forum and they have a long running thread "what I did to my classic triple today" or something very similar. Posters put up a few lines about what they did with their 'bikes that day..... polished it, rode it, rebuilt it, crashed it, etc etc you get the idea, anything goes really.

Anyway, thought it might be worth starting a similar thread here as I'm selling the "modern" 'bike and concentrating on my classics.
I'll start it off....

Today I got back my speedo which I'd sent to the UK for repair. It was working but had a lot of needle "flutter". Looks like new (still) and can't wait to try it out....

OK who's next?

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Today must be the first in almost 2 months that it has been above freezing. We've had the coldest winter on record. The 'bikes are dripping with condensation in the garage as the warmer air hits cold metal...not good!
I'm going to try to wipe the water off to keep my Tiger's chrome and alloy shining..
I have the same problem with condensation in my garage. I don't ride my Bonnie over winter, so what I do is spray it all over with WD-40 in autumn - paint, wheels, chrome & ally- in the spring I polish it off, and it has remained gleaming for several years now.
Fired up two electric heaters in the garage to bring the temp up above "freeze to death" (15 F. outside now) and work on the '72 Bonne, adjusted intake valves, installed newly painted rear fender/mudguard. Put front fender on a couple weeks ago.

Agenda for next 7 days: finish rear end assembly, adjust chain, replace oil filter (200 mis. since top-end rebuild) & check for metal particles as suggested by CoBob, add oil, check gearcase oil level, install tank, fire-up just to hear her run.
I tried to start mine yesterday. I last rode it about a month ago, so it has been sitting at near freezing temps in my garage since then. I thought that I might actually attempt to ride out over my slightly icy driveway out onto the snow-packed street in front of my house, and then if I made it that far I could go out onto the main streets where there is clear pavement. Unfortunately, I didn't get her started. 20W50 is really thick after sitting for a very cold month, and it took major effort just to move the kick-start lever through its revolution. After about 10 kicks and not even a cough from the engine I decided to wait until a slightly warmer day.:(
Hi all

I took my recently restored TR6P for a short club run on Saturday, beautiful day, sun shining, not a problem in the world. However on the way home, 2 kms from home, bang. The motor seized completely, & I clutched it and the noise stopped.

Walk home get the trailer and take her home, strip down, side covers off, everything looks ok, head off, pistons & bore ok, block off, (oh expletive) one piston rattling.

It appears a big end has let go for reasons unknown, the big end bolt is in several bits the bottom of the cylinder is chipped. The crank journal appears unmarked.

So the motor comes out next.

to be continued.

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Mal, that really stinks but I may be headed that way. I keep hearing a ping/clanking at idle that has me terrified its something similar. It goes away at speeds though.

Back on topic, yesterday, I was able to finally locate the correct bolt to fix the cb plate onto the exhaust camshaft. The previous bolt wasnt long enough and had the wrong threads. It was letting the cam walk up off the spindle and wouldnt hold the timing. I am plagued by incorrect fasteners. First it was the clutch assembly and now its the cb plate. Wonder whats next?
Today, the weather cooperated by getting up to 54 degrees with mostly sunny skies. Since its been about two months since I last parked my rides, and we've had the 4th coldest December ever. I fired them up and took them for a short 5 mile ride on each of them. The Bonnie needed a lot of kicks, and tickling but she ran great after a long warm up. The Tiger always needs a good tickling and it started on the 4th kick, and also ran great. They love good cool air for power and fun riding. Neither run chokes, so I've got to give them a good dose of fuel for cold starting. Can't wait until spring. I'm fired up and ready to ride.

Shortend Side Stand - Continued Sewing

After installing shorter shocks a couple of months ago, the side stand made the bike too upright, so tonight I dragged out the welder and cutter and removed about 1/2" length. Now the bike leans just right for standing on the left peg and giving my patented two-kick start>

Then I came in and sewed the 6th of the 12 patches I'm adorning my jacket with. Too old and chicken for tattoos - kinda envious of the guys with big arms and full 'sleeves' - so the next best thing for me is to cover the arms of my leather jacket with embroidered patches. Very time consuming, but it's fun.

Tomorrow I hope to make it to the gas station and then on to work - Next week, the rains of Oregon return - but this week, we ride!

Is it too late to talk about yesterday? Ok, so lately, after a ride there would be a puddle of oil the size of large football under the bike within a half hour. Chased off the dumb cheap hose clamps off the oil lines and affixed them with my new safety-wire tool - to no avail. Cleaned underneath to see where it's coming from - took a ride... No luck. There's always been some seepage from the cap on the oil tank - the filler neck had been moved from on top to the front by the PO. Turns out tons of oil was coming from the under the cap on the tank and pouring down the side and under the bike and making a mess when I parked.

I covered the filler neck opening with rubber sheet and a hose clamp - discovered one of the long screws from the front of the primary cover was gone, so I replaced that screw and cleaned the whole bike free from any oil and went for a long ride. Guess what? No oil leak! Not one single drop yesterday or today.

Gonna need a better way to cap the oil tank - but for now I solved the frightening huge oil leak. After finding the source of my 3rd gear misfire and all the above, it's been a good couple of days.
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Rode my TR7T as usual throughout the winter greasing the front chromed rim (Italian chrome, what can I say ..?) and heavily regularly greased the final drive chain. Never let me down (so far ...!)Will subject it to a through well-deserved clean come spring
Started to replace the valve guides in the head I'm using on "my Brothers Bitsa" got the old ones out. They all measured between .5005 and .5010 which is within the std spec. Got out the "std" guides I've had for a few months. Meassured them to be sure before installation. They measured .5015 to .5012 damn! Called the supplier, tech guy out of pocket til Thursday. Went looking in a few auto stores for a headlight and pilot bulbs for 71. No luck so ordered them and some other parts from BCS. Picked up my brothers rear fender and my custom aluminum chain guard form welder.
Managed to order a NOS front hub for my `71 TR6 today from England.I`ve been looking for one for some time and now thanks to Webby it looks like my search is over.Of course I won`t be celebrating until I actually have it in my hands.
Went for a ride on my '68' T120. Beautiful but chilly day.
Bought a can of paint aircraft stripper from Auto Zone to use on th painted forks and tank for my brothers Bitsa.
"Wished" I could put my Bitsa back together.
I got my 60`s oval exhaust`s in the mail today :)
Went for a ride on my '68' T120. Beautiful but chilly day.
Bought a can of paint aircraft stripper from Auto Zone to use on th painted forks and tank for my brothers Bitsa.
"Wished" I could put my Bitsa back together.
I've used Aircraft Stripper. It's the best but, read the label. It states, "DO NOT USE ON AIRCRAFT". :laughhard
I've used Aircraft Stripper. It's the best but, read the label. It states, "DO NOT USE ON AIRCRAFT". :laughhard
The airplane I'm building doesn't have paint on it yet so no reason to strip it. If I can ever finish up these Triumph projects I've got going, maybe I can finish the plane.
The California Customs polish I bought is made in and sold from Nebraska. I asked them about that when I ordered it. The sales person said "We'd never sell any if we called it Nebrasks Custom". The bottom line of the instructions clearly states it shouldn't be used on A/C.
Installed valve guides in a 750 head. Stripped the paint of lower fork lowers and polished one lower.
Got my Tiger out of a long cold hibernation today. I had drained the tank and float bowl so maybe the fresh petrol helped but it started 2nd kick which was nice! Too cold to put the gear and helmet on and anyway it's not road taxed so I just had a short scoot up and down the road outside the house. The refurbished speedo is nice and steady now at least up to the 35mph I got up to so that's pleasing also.
Parked it in the garage and listened to it going "rump-a-bump-a" on the side stand and remembered why it's my favourite 'bike.
Next job is to fit a hydraulic brake light switch on the front brake ordered along with some extra plumbing to fit it from TMS yesterday. It will be good to do away with the awful mechanical switch inside the right hand switch housing ....does anyone still have one of those fitted that actually works??
Enjoying everyone else's wee stories here.
Good thread, beer and bikes, what could be better when it's cold and icey outside. It has inspired me to walk over to the garage and check to make sure the Tiger is still there. Haven't seen it since before Christmas, to much ice and snow. Winter sucks.

Green King IPA, can't get it over here anymore. Guiness $4.50 a pint.

Yesterday it got into the 40's and I rode the Thunderbird. Today they say 50's and I will ride the Bird again as soon as I get home from work. Tomorrow they say 40's again, and I intend to fire up the old Bonnie. The last time I tried it the cold oil was too thick to move, but I should have better luck tomorrow. I might put a space heater next to her for a while first just to make things a bit easier.
Changed the oil on my Tiger 750, while I was at it cut a couple of new gaskets, flattened the face of the sump plate using a slab of polished granite and wet and dry and replaced the copper washers.
The old gaskets were almost non existent and the sump plate was far from flat.
Hoping this cures the bottom end oil leaks, it was quite wet in the general area, so far looking good.:D
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