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What I did with my classic Triumph today?

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As a Hinkley triple owner (don't hate me guys!) I sometimes also read the threads on that section of the Triumph Rat forum and they have a long running thread "what I did to my classic triple today" or something very similar. Posters put up a few lines about what they did with their 'bikes that day..... polished it, rode it, rebuilt it, crashed it, etc etc you get the idea, anything goes really.

Anyway, thought it might be worth starting a similar thread here as I'm selling the "modern" 'bike and concentrating on my classics.
I'll start it off....

Today I got back my speedo which I'd sent to the UK for repair. It was working but had a lot of needle "flutter". Looks like new (still) and can't wait to try it out....

OK who's next?

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Nice job Bill! Those look great, very professional looking job. Did you ever paint your tank, or still polished?

The best thing I've done for my bike recently is buy a 55 gallon drum of Phillips 100 octane race fuel. Street legal, no metals like lead, so I can use it in my new bike too, and zero ethanol so I can store it longer.

Everyone ride safely,

Dang Mobe. You're totally putting me to shame. The weather is great here except the wind at about 15 to 20 mph, and I know I should be loving on the old girl. You've motivated me to back her out on the patio and wash her. Then I will drive around the neighborhood. Maybe lable my post what I am going to do to my bike.

Done! A quick wash to knock the dust off and a brisk ride around the neighbohood. Blasted her up to about 5,000 rpm on a couple of runs, but can't be too disrespectful to neighbors so I limited the higher rpm blasts. She is running excellent, especially with the Phillips 100 octane high peformane fuel. She pulls strong. Really good mid range torque.
Sorry to see you're selling the old girl, Bill. Looks like you still have plenty of stuff to still tear around the neighborhood though.

Good luck on your sale.
RR, your Triumph is the "stand-out" bike of the group. Beautiful, classic lines. Nice job.

I changed my fork oil, washed and waxed and took the old girl to a car and motorcycle show. It was literally a couple of blocks from my house, so I had the wife follow me and take me back to the house so I could get a classic car I had cleaned up/waxed about three weeks prior. The Tiger puked fork oil on me and all over the gas tank on the way to the show, so I wiped everything off the tank, but my shirt didn't look too good. It was very hot but found a little shade to get out of the sun.

The Tiger won first in class, and my '55 Chevy got the top show award. All in all a good day. Now I need to drain and refill my forks and tighten things a little better, although the top nuts feel pretty tight. Guess I'll use a bigger wrench.
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