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What I did with my classic Triumph today?

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As a Hinkley triple owner (don't hate me guys!) I sometimes also read the threads on that section of the Triumph Rat forum and they have a long running thread "what I did to my classic triple today" or something very similar. Posters put up a few lines about what they did with their 'bikes that day..... polished it, rode it, rebuilt it, crashed it, etc etc you get the idea, anything goes really.

Anyway, thought it might be worth starting a similar thread here as I'm selling the "modern" 'bike and concentrating on my classics.
I'll start it off....

Today I got back my speedo which I'd sent to the UK for repair. It was working but had a lot of needle "flutter". Looks like new (still) and can't wait to try it out....

OK who's next?

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"What are the odds that these guys in their early 20's would be hanging out with an old man in his middle 60's - and all having a great time?"

No question, the old Triumph's and riding together were a key part of it.
Can it get any better?

We are about the same age, you and I, though we had children early and they are now in their early forties. My son rides, as does his wife and two of his mates we mentored through a church youth group. We all ride together, and age does not seem to be an issue.

If you can stay with them, they seem to respect your experience and the old tart's as well. It does not get much better.

When I crank up the 1400, I have to allow them to keep up!!! RR
I fitted new rear shocks to my Bonnie, I hope they work, the ones I got with the bike were cheap rubbish with sod all damping, just rock hard!
I hope the new ones are an improvement, I haven't had time to try them out yet.

Me too!! I settled for Hagon but Koni would be a better bit of gear I think. RR
Why is it everthing from Oz costs so much,the Trispark ignition is more than double the cost of a Boyer and almost double as much as the others?As soon as I have the extra cash I`ll be getting a Trispark,I`m desperate to know if they are as good as some say.
Firstly, Australia is often referred to as the "lucky country".

When economic times are hard, we dig another hole in the ground (minerals), and all is well. Subsequently we have learned to live beyond our means, and will not work for a reasonable wage. Therefore anything made here will not be cheap. That's the sum of it.

Save yourself some money and buy a Pazon EI unit from NZ. RR
Well, it's not what I did but plan to my reckoning it is my Bonnie's 40th birthday or thereabouts...the weather has changed to 65+, I finally have all the bits an nits cleaned up, and I am going for my first ride after work today on her just for fun.. I have tooled around just a few miles as part of tuning, etc., but today after 20 months of work and money, this should be the first real ride..the reason I bought her ....we will see.....tally ho!
You're 'gonna enjoy this ride bro! RR
Well...drat....darn...and a few other unprintables....she started pretty easy, clutch worked fine, but NO GEARS. Shifting up from first...nothing....mine has the leaf spring plunger, and I wrestled with it for about a week.. new springs and plungers......thought it was OK....oh well - back to the shop.

I rode about 2 miles in 1st, came back.
Ah, that dreaded indexing. It tricks me up every time too. RR

PS. Be aware there are spring plungers out there with differing detents. If the spring is too tight a fit, it will defy a change with the foot from 1st gear.
It's more to the point about what I would liked to have done with the T120 today. Despite blustery wind conditions, I was determined to be off on a 120 mile round lonesome trip.

This was more so happily anticipated because I have been on the Metric for the last 1/2 dozen outings and I have been in a bit of Triumph withdrawal, not hearing the old tart barking along the highway.

Anyway after preparing on Saturday, I woke up this morning with some vague stomach ailment that left me very unwell, and a ride anywhere was out of the question.

So the best laid plans of mice and men have been dashed.

I now look forward to a ride this next week should weather and circumstances permit. I'm getting desperate I tell ya!!! RR
Friend who I haven't seen in 3 years who lives in Texas dropped by, and I went to show him how Bonnie almost always starts on the first kick. She shamed me, caught but died on first 2 kicks, then refused to start. First time she's done this.

Shame on her. Gonna give her a good spanking tonite.....gotta make sure that she's good to go tomorrow....

Hopefully, today was the last cold day of spring, 51.....tomorrow 80...... :D
Never, never, within earshot of the old tart, offer to show someone how well it starts. I tell ya they understand what is going on!! And just like that, we're left with egg on the face. The old bitches!!

I was at a favorite watering hole. A guy on an old kick start Harley pulled up and showed some interest in my old tart, the only other kick starter there.

I forget just how the conversation got round to it, but I mentioned she was a one kick starter. He decided to hang around and hear her fire up. Well he walked away after about 5 minutes, leaving me in a state of collapse from constant kicking in the hot sun. She finally fired up and I krept out of there. I just hope I do not meet him gain.

The old bitch!!

So, triumph owners, you've been warned. RR
Now, Retro, you shouldn't be so hard on the old gal. She does have a few years on her now. Old Triumphs are like talk to them nicely, they thrive and mean to them and all kinds of trouble comes.....

Instead of spanking Bonnie last night, I sweet talked her - and you know what? Twice today she showed others how wonderful she is and she started first kick! Back to her old self!

She even took me for a good 75 miles today of both city & country twisty ride with nary a hiccup - and no oil to be seen anywhere!
You're on a winner there bro!! RR
I opened the door to the refrigerator and opened some calming fluid. Bob
Very necessary for Triumph owners!! RR
Boiled my clutch plates in water w/degreaser as per MoBe's post; waiting for them to dry out and re-install Monday.
I have used the family dishwasher on it's high temp cycle. Easy as stacking dishes!! RR
Boiled my clutch plates in water w/degreaser as per MoBe's post; waiting for them to dry out and re-install Monday.
Always the naysayer, if given a chance, but I wish you well with this clutch adjustment.

Personally I believe they are a marginal bit of gear at best. Proper adjustment for them is a microfart before they start creeping when disengaged.

How to get to this point? removing the primary case many times :D RR
Thanks for the encouragement, RR! :D :D :D

so you're suggesting that I should ride her up and down my road 1/2 mile without the primary cover on several times to make sure I have
it adjusted right?
That's for you to decide Gator, but experience has shown me that a clutch set and operating very nicely when cold, will often creep when hot. Something to do with heat and the expansion of metals!!

I know Webby can say amen to this. RR
Hat's off to you, brave man : -)

... and thanks for putting the 'Reinstate Hank' link in your sig. A noble gesture indeed.
You have to stand up to them looseparts, but learn to duck the flying dishes :) RR
This immediate last week-end, an absolute cracker weather wise, I put in 700km (435 miles) on an o/nite journey through SE QLD and Northern NSW. Possibly some of the best motorcycle touring you can get, it has scenery, fabulous mountain roads, picturesque farmlands.

Accompanied by a buddy on a C50 Boulevard for day one, we finally got together with others (more Boulevards and a Moto Guzzi), five of us in all on day two.

Here we are lined up at a favourite watering hole:


I have to say, these OIF Triumphs can handle, and I just love them. After much work and some pain, this old tart is now just rock solid. I'd take her anywhere

Though I looked pained in the photo, I should have been all smiles. I just do not like having my photo taken. RR
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RR, your Triumph is the "stand-out" bike of the group. Beautiful, classic lines. Nice job.

Thanks Ron, yes these old tarts can hold their own in any company.
Gee.... You look older than I had figured you for. :D
Yeah, I'm just a grumpy old man now!! RR
I like your turn indicators. Bob
Go here Bob,

I purchased the universal type. I liked their compact style.

Goffy shows a set on a nice old Norton. Very nice. RR

This is my 71 Tiger.I just put in a Boyer EI after finding out the AAU was from a BSA(rotates opposite direction)So far I have rebuilt the forks,brakes,sprockets and drive chain,rear main seal,Clutch(center hub,basket,plates and primary chain)Carb and pancakefilter,sidecovers and 60`s style exhaust pipes and aTympanium rectifier.I made a solo seat bracket to give it a different look.No cutting chopping or drilling of frame,so it can be put back to stock if need be.
Hey TR6R, I like it!!

Well, you certainly got some things done, only a coupla hundred to go :D

Please do something about that dreadful gargoyle light assembly!! RR
Installed an oil cooler today. really works well!
So what are the differences in oil temp? RR
I finally got to ride my 71 Bonnie after installing new JRC carbs, and using Buckshot's shift plunger was awesome...first time I ever used all 4 gears without propping the shifter with my foot. Only rode about 5 miles, but no major leaks. I got a nice smooth idle at about 800 rpm. My only issue is starting...I have to use a shot of starter fluid. could my ignition be advanced a bit too much ? I have a Sparx ignition, thinking of retarding it a bit to see if that helps starting. Any other thoughts ? ( new pistons, rings, valves, etc just in).
David, I would not be looking at timing at this stage. If it is advanced it would be inclined to kick you back on a lazy kick over.

How are the JRC carbies choked? I'm guessing this engine is not getting fuel enough for easy starting. RR
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