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What I did with my classic Triumph today?

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As a Hinkley triple owner (don't hate me guys!) I sometimes also read the threads on that section of the Triumph Rat forum and they have a long running thread "what I did to my classic triple today" or something very similar. Posters put up a few lines about what they did with their 'bikes that day..... polished it, rode it, rebuilt it, crashed it, etc etc you get the idea, anything goes really.

Anyway, thought it might be worth starting a similar thread here as I'm selling the "modern" 'bike and concentrating on my classics.
I'll start it off....

Today I got back my speedo which I'd sent to the UK for repair. It was working but had a lot of needle "flutter". Looks like new (still) and can't wait to try it out....

OK who's next?

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This evening I just finished dyeing my home built seat black.
I made it from an old brown jacket and a hardwood base. Not the best looking but I didn't like the small solo saddle as it showed too much frame.
This is one of many tries, probably not the last.
Since its a collections of bits I can get away with almost anything I guess.

Dave; your bike is cool, too cool
I got tired of waiting on the powder coater. He had my frames for 4 months and still couldn't tell me when I could expect them so I picked them up and took them to another establishment that promised them in two weeks. We'll see.
Powder Coat lines only take an hour to run a part through. Chances are they were shooting a different color than you wanted and had to wait for the color change. Personally I'd stay away from powdercoating on frames,gas tanks and fenders,....... Especially frames , where grease collects in the tubing over the years. It can really mess up a powder line!
Looked at it and said. OMG gotta work on the generation, get a battery,and 6v reg, rewire, send the carb off to be sleeved. Wondered if the 8 bolt head is going to stay in one piece for another year. And the paint? Had it on the road for 6 years and stll has a funky paint job. I'm, 8 years older than that '59 sickle and the sickle looks like I feel.
Nice fix chumlee, are you going to do anything to keep em that way? WD40 or a wax ? I have a bit of rust starting on my rear rim too.
Ain't your motor leakin enough to keep the rear wheel rim oily or have enough spray flyin off the chain? If it ain't., just spray chain wax on the rim while givin it a spin. I use chain wax on the chain, what flys off gets on the rim and takes very little effort to whipe off excess.
1st Kick

Friend who I haven't seen in 3 years who lives in Texas dropped by, and I went to show him how Bonnie almost always starts on the first kick. She shamed me, caught but died on first 2 kicks, then refused to start. First time she's done this.

Shame on her. Gonna give her a good spanking tonite.....gotta make sure that she's good to go tomorrow....

Hopefully, today was the last cold day of spring, 51.....tomorrow 80...... :D
hahahahh It only happens when no one is watching!
I installed a new (repro) spider in the clutch center - splines on the old one were getting bad. New hub to match, no radial play when fitted together.

Installed race into the repro clutch basket/chainwheel with retaining compound. Pretty disappointed with the quality of the reproduction chainwheel. Not sure if the race will hold but worth a try I guess.
What's up with the repro chainwheel?
Installed new carb parts; needle,needlejet,airfilter,. Fixed slow flow from gas tank,wrestled the tank back on. Now waiting for dry weather to fine tune the carb.
Replaced lost tank bolt and rubber. Installed and fine tuned new needle and needle jet, after cleaning the carb,. wrestled on a new air cleaner (TR6). Put new footpeg rubbers with Triumph logo. Can't get the kickstarter rubber on, it seems the bore in the rubber is too small, unless there is a trick to it, it is only on 1/2 way.
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