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We're curious, what exhaust do you run???

While you're answering check out a couple of the latest Sport Bike & Cruiser Akrapovic Exhaust we have to offer!

Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust - Carbon Fiber

Price: $509.99 - $1649.99

Product Description:

-Akrapovic exhausts are the most sought after exhaust systems for their unmatched quality, amazing sound, beautiful style, and unrivaled performance.

-Akrapovic hex slip on has a carbon fiber outer sleeve with a carbon fiber end cap for maximum weight savings and style.

-With a perforated inner sleeve, inlet and outlet cap made of titanium, the Akrapovic hex carbon fiber slip on is constructed for maximum weight savings.

-Akrapovic includes a lightweight, compact and high-temperature resistant carbon fiber muffler cap with the hex slip on exhaust.

-Akrapovic hex carbon fiber slip on exhausts include a carbon fiber heat shield when necessary.

Akrapovic Open Line 2-Into-2 Exhaust - Black

Price: $709.99

Product Description:

The Open Line is for those who like it loud and proud, transforming the look and sound of your machine. Uniquely on the Open, unlike the competitors who use a baffle, Akrapovic Open systems use a real silencer. This enhances both performance and sound characteristics. Akrapovic's Open systems offer an optional insert enabling you to adjust the noise level yourself.

Akrapovic Open Systems include header, silencer and heat shield.

-Unique design with different surface finish for some models.

-Systems with real silencers.

-Optimized exhaust gas flow for optimal performance.

-Deeper sound, the loudest Akrapovic system.

-Optional Noise Reduction insert (sold separately).

-Heat shield for headers.

Detailed Specifications:

-Type: 2-into-1

-Finish: Black

-Weight: 13.2 pounds (6 kg).
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