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What did you do to your twin today?

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The Classic triple forum has a thread for daily modifications and shop work. Lets get that going for twins as well.

Today I lowered my T100's rear brake lever. I took the pin out, the master cylinder off and adjusted the bucket and locknut. Now I won't be beside my brake pedal on that bike, I can be above it, ready to use it just a tiny bit quicker.

I also painted the worst-off gas cap I had, black. So I can ride on sunny days without being blinded by my own bike. - my sun visor is in the helmet, and comes down from the top so I get nice glare off the clocks and tank... :(
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What did I do with my Bonnie today? I've shopped a bit of different stockists to find a few accessories to dress her up. I don't collect her until Saturday. But still need to think of me speech to the Classic Bonnies in the storage shed where they'll all be roomies. "Lads, I've a bit of news to share..... now don't get ya beards in a wad....."

Spent a few hours in the saddle. Stopped off a few times to take pictures. Temp's around 80F (26C) with cool spots in the valleys.

First up is a 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air that remains on its perch from where it's sat since the early 70s. It was the main advertising signage of a car dealer, later a convenience store, etc. before the main throughway became a memory and I-95 took east coast traffic away.

Next up is a not-so-good picture of the oldest house in the area. Originally built in 1760, the Donald Bruce house served as headquarters not only for the British but for the Colonial governor during the American Revolution. A native of Scotland, Bruce remained loyal to the Crown during the conflict. The house was later moved to a location outside of the city called Middlepen Plantation.

I didn't want to step back too far with heavy traffic on this particular highway.

And The Coffee Pot, another vestige of days gone by, another victim of "progress." The Coffee Pot was initially going to be a tea shop as the owners were transplants from Merry Ol England. But as the local clientele were mainly farmers, the beveraged name became Coffee Pot rather than Tea Pot.

It was open several decades, the lady of the shoppe even receiving a letter of congratulations from Queen Elizabeth's Ladies in Waiting, who had been informed of this loyal subject having represented the Old Country so well.

It was restored a few years ago by its current owners, who have no plans to reopen. I calculated the volume of this roof top coffee pot a few years ago. It could percolate 525 gallons of coffee (or tea).

Well, there you are. What I did with my Bonnie today.


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Thank you, Tribry. I have for so long been wanting to get a photo outside of the Coffee (tea, if you really want an afternoon tea) Pot. I was well north of Orangeburg, SC when the idea came to me. But, what the hay. Turned the SE southward and headed through traffic to get there.

And here's an article on the Coffee Pot, if you'll forgive the author's shortcomings.

Great little piece of history in the area. PLeased I finally got my photograph.

Cheers, mate.

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What bars are those and how do they compare to stock for you?
Hi Sparky, I bought the bike used, bars already installed about two months ago. However, the PO had called them "M" bars? To me, it was a mental compromise. I wanted a Thruxtonish, maybe. I definitely wanted a Bonneville. But these bars' riding position is Thruxton-like.

I can only compare the vintage T140 stock bars, which should be similar to today's Bonnies. The positions are both comfortable with the stock bars allowing me, at least, to ride a bit further. Around 100 miles I'm going to be seeking a pit stop to rest my hands and shoulders.

Hope this helps. I do like the way they look, handle, etc. Handles far superior.


Good stuff Richard. You know the photo of your Bonnie in front of the Coffee pot has that quintessential look of the USA with the Bonnie adding the twist...for me at least on this side of the pond.
Love it:beerchug
Thanks, mate. Ironically, with the "car in air" and the Coffee Pot photos, I'd captured in one ride two iconic roadside curiosities of days gone by. Binging car in air or roadside/rooftop coffee pot, you'll find these were each novelties in their own day. Guess it shows my area wasn't immune. :)


Put in 20 miles on the year's first ride. Came back and did my Spring check. Arg. Should have done it before take off. Tires, both, mind, very low. So, what did I do with the Bonnie today? Spring check up. After (!) a ride that shouldna taking place!

Kick the tires before lighting the fires, lads.


Got the oil warmed up a bit for the first time this year during a 45 minute jaunt. This after swapping side bar mirrors this weekend. I like the smaller black in color mirrors than the larger chrome I had on previously.
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^^^^^ Sweet Bonnie! Mirrors look great…FTG
Appreciate it, FTG!! A coupla better pics. The larger chrome mirrors, I think, took away from the bike. These are more subtle.
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The black mirrors are an improvement for sure- are they Triumph items?

These are after market, Denoose. The first set were napoleans, which are nice. I just like the more subtle dark color.
A little late. First decent ride on my new-to-me 2017 T120. 125 miles in after a week's ownership (traded in my 2011 SE). A good 105 mile jaunt on Saturday. Stopped off at Santee State Park in SC. Have to work Saturday. Guess I'll just have to take the T120 back out. >wink< I bought this as it is the closest to the 1970 Bonnie with the Astral red and silver. That was mine and my dad's favorite color scheme. Unfortunately, he passed before having a chance to ride a new Bonnie. But I look forward to many miles on the bike we (sort of) wished we'd had.
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UPDATE: Sorry, lads, lasses. Realized I'd posted in the wrong place! Searched for a deleter ... I had an SE up until later October. Two T140s are in the stable. Probably why I keep wandering back here.

Made the Motone radiator grill swap in between Christmas honey-dos. Removed the OEM grill, installed batteries in a new Christmas wreath. Locktited mounting screws for the Motone grill, chased cat away from Christmas tree with old grill.

I do like the idea that the OEM grill cover had fins directing air toward the radiator. Hadn't noticed before. But Stuart Fillingham's vid was interesting. I decided to get a bit of decent kit for the radiator. Reflect a bit of British heritage.

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We were too busy keeping tabs on fighters shooting down chinese "weather" balloons off our coast.

Had planned a ride to check out a few issues. Don't have but 80 miles in this year. :cautious: But visited my 81-year-old mom instead. She just lost her Yorkie after 11 years.

I used to think that leathers were for posing. Then I did some winter riding......I rather enjoy it. You don't have that hair dryer blowing in your face, every crevice is fighting back cool air/temps.

Non rider: "But, man, you get all that cool wind when you ride."

Me: "Nooo. It's hot air, and hotter when you stop."

Ride safe.
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