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what bars ??

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Hi all, my mates are going on about renthall bars instead of
the stock bars, any info on these,
are they easy to fit?
any advantage apart from looks?
do you refit the bar end weights?
cheers wayne :cool:
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I have the renthal streetfighter bars. They have a cross brace which some don't care for. They are an easy replacement (same diameter as stock), and they are close to the same bend as the stock bars. You will need to drill holes for the anti-rotation tab on the switch gear, but no big deal. As far as benefits, I had hoped they would cut down on vibration felt through the bars, but I honestly hadn't noticed any difference. I think the anodized gold looks great though. I also installed matching bar ends. If you wanted to go to a "fat bar" style, there would have to modifications made to your risers that I didn't want to mess with.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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