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I've had these photos saved on my pc for a while now, I really like what this guy did. So what would it take to convert a stock Bonnie into this?

So far, from what I can see:

Solo seat (stock thrux seat?)
Custom fender (or cut down existing one?)
Bigger tires (any guess on size?)
Lower bars
Headlight lowered? (can't tell for sure)
New mufflers

I'm an amateur, so let me know what I'm missing...


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I also see:
FCR39 carbs
NH Toga pipes.
powder coated rims
non-stock seat.
different headlight brackets,
different headlight, powdercoated bucket, lowered.
lowered gauges, maybe with the bracket below the top clamp?
Beringer calipers, aftermarket rotors
Front fender looks like a cut down stock, with the fender stays bent to a new shape..?

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After Market Sprocket Cover
Chain Guard Removed
Black O-Ring Chain
I don't know who makes them but the shock are not stock.
Engine Covers have been polished
Football Grips
Bar Ends
Rizoma Mirrors
Rizoma Brake Res
LSL(?) Shifter & Brake levers
Racing Shorty Brake and Clutch levers
Looks like the gauge pots are different because I see gloss
Its hard to tell from the pic, but by the look of the fork preloads it might have a Traxxion AK-20 kit
Looks like the jugs and head has been powder coated too.
..and fork gaiters

Pretty sure that is a Truxton too, looks like stock rearset mounts

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His name is Pepe.
Awesome bike -
Try looking through the Bonneville Pics thread and find his name. You can actually PM him and ask him directly.

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I wanna know what seat that is....I like it!!!

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...nice to read, that the progress of my bike is still from interest and mybe an inspiration for other triumph addicted..

bradlyallen1 is right, between those photos are some weeks and some changes... fork stripped, holes in the headlight bracket,
changed the look of the sprocket cover and so on...

But actually the Thruxton is not a Thruxton anymore :).

Since I working on that bike for almost 5 years now, a radical change had to be done... thats what I love on this retro bikes,
change the handlebar and the seat and you have a complete new look...

The higher handlebar is really a good thing I should have done this before...and by the way I used the original Top Yoke from
the newer Thruxton and not a yoke kit with risers from the aftermarket supplier like LSL or something,
because the original Yoke looks very old style and not as technical as the kit from LSL for example... "just my taste"...

But I guess the is not the end... as long as I own this bike I will work on it.

If someone is interested.. watch the progress in my blog:

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