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We would like to welcome RKA Motorcycle Luggage as our newest supporting vendor!

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Hi Gang,

We are NEW and very excited Vendor Sponsors,

We are Richard and Kathy and we own “RKA”. Started in 1985 we design and manufacture a complete line of motorcycle luggage for all motorcycles, and it’s all done here in the USA!

Both of us now ride BMW’s but have had Ducati’s, Suzuki’s, Honda’s, Kawasaki’s and even a MZ in the past.

Kathy and I are excited about our events schedule and the next thing up is GREAT!!! So we would like to offer you all AN INVITATION…..

Check out “SonomaFest 2013”, TRACKDAY, RIDE, VINTAGE and AFM RACING, JUST TO MUCH FUN! ….. Come if you are anywhere close, or not, and at least do the Wine Country Ride with Kathy and I. After the ride we will have a drawing for thousands of dollars’ worth of BLING!

RKA has JUST introduced liner bags for the Strada, and the BMW F800GT! Check them out! On our BMW Specific page and the RKA Ducati photo gallery page.We have also updated our Triumph Photo Gallery with new motos.

Oh … by the way …. did I mention …. Our entire product line is designed and manufactured HERE in the USA at our shop in Sonoma county California …. Take a look at “Who is RKA” so you can get a visual.

We also do communications!!!

We are looking forward to enjoying posting on the forums and most important answering any questions you have about our product any other products we sell which include;

Garmin, SENA Bluetooth, Interphone Bluetooth, Liquid Image & DRIFT cameras, Adaptiv radar, MotoCello communications, Starcom, Motorola FRS radios, Rammount, Powerlet, Farkle Finger, LifeProof cases, OTTER cases, Goal Zero solar, and Vega modular helmets. AND RKA luggage of course, designed and manufactured right here in Sonoma County CA, USA!

Here are some quick links to introduce us to you all.
RKA website
Who is RKA
RKA Fun Video Page
RKA Newsletter for March 2013 (You can sign up for this if you like)

Ride Safe
Have Fun

Richard & Kathy
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