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As I understand it, all 650 and 750 bikes were issued with consecutive numbers irrespective of any prefixes or suffixes starting 1960 with D101.
However new number series were issued in 1963 with DU101, 1969 with JC00101 and 1978 with HX00100
Ranges were D101 - D15789. DU101 - DU90282. JC001001- GP8xxxx. HX00100 - CEA 34xxx.

DU50982 would be a 1967 model ie 650
In the JC00100 range, nos 35467 to 58038 were "skipped" so no. 50982 was never built.

Not sure this helps much but at least DU50982 would be a 650 even if it had the wrong brake.

Does the primary cover incorporate the large inspection plate towards the front? This commenced model yr 1968 at DU66246. Also carb changed for concentric type from monobloc (at least for UK and general export). Might help indicate 1967 or earlier.

A 500cc T100 with a no. H50982 would be possible and would have a old style SLS front brake. It would be 1967 moldel. Is this possible?
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