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Weekend ride

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Went on a overnight ride to the Bucca pub on the weekend,about a 750km round trip from home.There was about 12 bikes(assorted) and as it turned out there was another group of blokes from Gladstone there too_One of the blokes had just sold his Harley and bought a 2006 white Speedy.F*#k it was funny,he's standing there in amongst his mates bagging them about there Harleys and how they don't handle and that they all should buy Speedies.He was even making the noises and pretending he was riding it and saying how good they handle and how he can chuck it into corners without s*#tting himself.Guess ol Speedy has that effect on you.Told him about this site so you might have another Australian to deal with soon.Can't remember his name as i was pretty s*#tfaced. :-D :hammer:
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