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We Need a TBS FAQ Sticky!

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I notice that I've repeated some questions in the posts, but it's taken me ages to search through the old ones and find info about the TBS.

What about a FAQ either directing us to the threads or summarising the info under headings?

Exhaust pipes

It would make this site an ever better resource than it already is :)

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Too many sticky's at the top of a forum is a PITA - see some of the other forums. How about a rule that says "you can't create a sticky until you delete a sticky"

Browsing through really long threads takes as long as browsing through many short threads - and sticky's end up as really long threads. Still a lot of reading and a lot of clicks.

Why just a sticky just for TBS's? What about the other models? Oh wait a minute... there is a sticky for all the models - called known issues! We're sorted!

Even if you disagree with the above, someone with the knowledge still has to create or at least answer the FAQ sticky. If you're not happy with the responses now, what makes you think they'll do better with a sticky FAQ?

Actually Denny's point about the WIKI is spot on - WIKI's indexing and search abilities are great. But we're back at the problem of getting someone to do the work.

I for one, do not mind seeing the same questions asked again. As Jim says, it brings fresh insights to old topics and revives old threads. Plus it gives me opportunity to show off my (meagre) knowledge. I think there are two caveats - at least make an attempt to search the forum for info and say so, and frame/scope the question in such a way that folks don't have write War and Peace.

We were all new to this forum once, I've found a lot of pleasure in ferreting out the info over the years, by searching and asking questions (a percentage of which were no doubt viewed as dumb).

Again FWIW, using advanced search is much more productive than the ordinary search. Depending on the context, limiting your search to this forum, and selecting threads that contain ALL your keywords usually bring the most focussed results.

Finally... [start rant]

Please, please do NOT support fragmenting this wonderful forum into sub-forums. It's happened to other forums and it's SH*TE for several reasons.

1) Advanced search does NOT support searching several forums, it's either one or ALL. So, it will either make us repeat the search for each possible forum or get a flood of results from all forums.
2) People never know what forum to put their bl*ody posts in! Look at the Ride forums for example - why we have two defeats me.
3) Browsing becomes too focussed - you lose the happy finds and incidental info.
4) compensating for 1-3 means too many clicks - it's a chore.
5) Like Heinlein said, "specialisation is for ants"

[end rant]

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