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We Need a TBS FAQ Sticky!

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I notice that I've repeated some questions in the posts, but it's taken me ages to search through the old ones and find info about the TBS.

What about a FAQ either directing us to the threads or summarising the info under headings?

Exhaust pipes

It would make this site an ever better resource than it already is :)

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Good idea one way, bad another.

What happens when there's no longer a need to post a message?

The poster continues to lurk, the responders don't expand on what they've already done or add new insights to what's already there with no one to respond to.

I'm glad I don't have to decide on that. :-D

So, are we saying that it's better to keep people like me spending hours looking through old threads, finding or not the info and then writing yet another thread or question on the same subjects?

I'm playing Devil's Advocate a bit here but when you were searching for old threads, did you come across anything 'interesting' or perhaps glean some small bit of information you didn't have before? :wink:

I often find the best stuff by accident. A search for one thing turns up some small, unrelated fact that can open a new area of interest or provide an alternate or unique viewpoint on something.

I'd vote for a WIKI entry.

I think that makes much more sense than a sticky for each model of Classic.

Now if the WIKI stuff just made any da*mn sense to me...

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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