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We Need a TBS FAQ Sticky!

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I notice that I've repeated some questions in the posts, but it's taken me ages to search through the old ones and find info about the TBS.

What about a FAQ either directing us to the threads or summarising the info under headings?

Exhaust pipes

It would make this site an ever better resource than it already is :)

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The more I've searched, the better I've gotten at it. I doubt it takes me more than 10 minutes to find anything on here.
In fact, I often answer questions by providing a link to a thread that it only took me a minute to find.
I looked at Wiki, but there would be a learning curve.
I have a lot of the threads pertaining to FAQ's bookmarked.
I'd be willing to organize the information if someone else hasn't already started on it. From there, I can either copy and paste it to a post here or pass it on to a Wiki pro.

Has anyone started on this? If so, I won't bother.

I don't think it would make sense to have a seperate FAQ for only the TBS since almost every FAQ also applies to the other classic triple models.
I found this site which seems to be a lot more basic than wiki. I went ahead and scratched out an outline on it. I started out with headings in question form, but it seemed to make more sense to just categorize things.
Triumph FAQ at Wetpaint

You don't have any choices for font aside from bold, italic, etc, but you can add links and photos.

I set the site up to only let those with permission modify it because I was afraid of someone vandalising it if it were open to the public. If we decide to use it, I'll give the password to anyone who wants to contribute.

Let me know what you guys think. :huh:

(edit: think this would be too damaging to the conversation in the forum?)

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