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I know i have asked this before but it appears i'm not the only one to suffer from this problem. I went into my dealer last week and he informed me that a customer who bought a new america had to be recovered having broken down 80 miles away from home. the cause of the major failure was that water had got into the fusebox and blown the main fuse.
Now i know we all love these bonnies and i guess that i'm not going to be a popular bunnie but, this day and age in the year 2006 i expect more reliability than that. Is it going to be the fact that we daren't wonder too far from home in case it starts to rain and risk breaking down.
triumph should have sorted this at the testing stage of production the location of the fuse box is obviously at fault, it is bound to get wet from wheelspray the rear mudgaurd(fender) is cut back slightley to allow movement of the swing arm but exposes the back of the fuse box to ingress of dust grime and water.
I think this problem is only affected on the TBA/SPEEDMASTER the other bonnies fuse box is located in a different place i think
lets have some views on this matter. Now i know it isn't only me that has suffered embarasing breakdowns but it certainly knocked the confidence out of me and it's a great pity cos i still think the bike is great there is at least 2 of us out there that has suffered this problem
anyone else? :???:
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