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Greetings all. I have consulted this site for research and information regularly over the course of the years and have finally decided to join - thanks for that - and take part as a member.

I live in NW Washington DC, and have for many years now been without a car. My bike is perhaps my one possession that brings me any real joy - I am not really attached to things, but I do love this bike. I bought it from a lawyer type here in DC about seven years ago. He had modified it somewhat from stock with racing suspension and other cafe cosmetics. A true thing of beauty. Ran great then and throughout (generally) my period of ownership. I have only general and limited amateur mechanical experience, but I would nonetheless rate myself as more than competent from a general mechanical perspective, and have always worked on my own cars and bikes, within the confines of my ability, space, tools, and Haynes manuals. I ride within the city to get around, and generally within 50-100 miles of DC for pleasure, weather dependent.

Unfortunately, my Thruxton lives outside - sometimes covered, sometimes not - and as such is subject to the elements. I have also been down on it once - insurance wrote it off completely, but I had it put back together as the damage was largely cosmetic. I am back on the bike after three years of near-total abstention from riding due to multiple injuries - sustained both from the crash, and several other life antics thereafter - and am ready to get back in the Spring of things :)

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, I have encountered a few mechanical obstacles to getting back on the road. I have loads of questions to ask eventually, and I have been making sure that I am taking a considered and structured approach to my diagnostics, thinking, and background reading prior to coming to you all with my griefs, concerns, and yes even joys. So I hope and trust that you will bear with me as I adjust to the community, and I give you my word I will endeavor to contribute at least as much as I query.




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Welcome to the forum!

The Air Cooled Twins Talk forum is where you can connect with other Bonneville riders. Introduce yourself there, post photos of your Thruxton, and join the banter.

You may also enjoy the Club Café.

Connect with local riders in the RAT forums. If you do not see a thread for your area, please start one.

You may also find local riders and local events in the Rides and Events forum.

Please share your rides with us by posting photos of your rides in the Ride and Trip Reports forum.

Enjoy some off-topic and often humorous conversations in the Biker Hang Out forum.

There is much to our forum, so please make yourself at home, browse the forums, and join the conversation where ever it may interest you. We are happy to have you here.

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