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wants info about my 995i 01 triple

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hi can anyone tell me any good points OR bad points about my 995i triple i will aquire on saturday 3/3/07. thanks :cool: null
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a 955i triple? Good bike.

Everyone seems to be on the 1050's these days.

Its nice you have a 955i, a rare breed.
I can tell you that's my bday! :-D

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Easy to work on. If the bike comes with the tool kit, you'll only need a few basic tools to work on it as most of the bolts and hexes are the same few sizes. The only things you'd probably need specialty tools for would be timing, valve maintenance, fork internals/fluid jobs, or a complete motor rebuild. With just regular oil changes, chain maintenance, keeping the brakes up to spec, and other 'duh' maintenance things, the bike should run for a long long time without needing a major rebuild. My bike has 18,000 miles and both times I had it checked it's valves were spot on.

If you're lost as to where to find aftermarket stuff, check out the aftermarket parts thread stickied up top.
I have one and I love the hell out of it. Some of the aftermarket parts are a bit difficult to find but other than that you're about to buy one h*ll of a motorcycle.
stay on top of the maitenance and enjoy the ride , my 99 has 15k and it runs great no problems
I have 26K on my '01, and it has been trouble free, and a hell of a lot of fun. Make sure you get the recalls checked on the clutch cable and fuel tank fittings.
I'm coming up on 30k on my '01. You won't be sorry! :cool:
Mine is an 03 and I love it. I ditched the stock seat for the Triumph gel seat and the mirrors for CRG bar ends. The CRG's are expensive but worth every penny. I found the stock seat and ass burner. The gel seat is not great but better than stock.

I also had an updated fuel map installed by my dealer (no cost). This made the bike run smoother between 2500-4000 rpm.

dang, not one of ya wished me a happy bday. :hammer: :(
Why would we? Your birthday is on 3/3 and today is 2/25. You still got a few days...... :hammer:

Happy ALMOST Birthday is all you'll get!! (until your birthday)

dang, not one of ya wished me a happy bday. :hammer: :(
Happy B-day, Ole Yeller! :-D
'01s are great bikes, I've had mine almost 2 yrs. now, and it's been awesome. The last of the good looking Speedys in my book. I'll never sell mine, it just continues to evolve. I miss it badly right now, 4 months no ridey (winte in WI, 2ft of snow in the last three days). That's ok though, bodywork should be back from paint any day now. Enjoy your new ride, and keep the rubber side down, at least the rear one anyhow! :wink:
thanks for all your info m8s. looking 4ward 2 riding THE BEAST . lol. had the mirrors changed from those ***** round things to he oblong matt type. free of charge. not bad eh. will check 2 c if it has been recalled. keep you posted cheers from the UK. Phil
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