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Waiting for new Sprint

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Just ordered my black 07 ST. I really wanted a aluminum silver but alas not available for 07. I have not owned a bike since 85 so I am really stoked about riding again.
I am finding this forum to be a great source for information on a wide range of topics, so hats off to all.

Cheers Eric
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Eric, i've had my ST for 7 months. Mine's in aluminum silver, my favourite colour :hihi: .
I traded up from a Fazer 600 which I though was a good bike but the ST blew my socks off when I had my demo ride.
It has power all through the rev range, it feels really planted and solid on the road, is comfortable, looks gorgeous and the sound from that triple is glorious :-D
Before I get carried away, there are a few minor niggles(as you'll know from reading other threads on this site).
The bike's not perfect but it's dam close.

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