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Waiting for my 05 girlie to arrive. Can't wait!

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Just bought a beautiful silver girlie today & she'll be shipped clear across the country (NV to NJ). Should be here about 14 days. I'm coming from a road only BMW R1150R, a very nice bike indeed. Looking forward to some radical motocross riding! Just kidding, I'll be limiting myself to some fun twisty back roads & light off roads. She's coming with a leather Corbin seat, crash guards, two windscreens, center stand, off road exhaust, TT bars and it's only got about 12K miles. I'm looking forward to exchanging tips and tricks. Wish me luck!
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Welcome rvc7, Silver eh, nice........

A very understated colour in my opinion, one that suits the Tiger's stance and stature, a good choice indeed.


Mick :cool:
RVC 7,

Welcome to the forum :)

Loads of good info on here and we are very cheap :D

Hope all goes well with your "fastest colour" Tiger.
I came off a 2001 BMW R1150R onto a '05 Tiger, too. You will undoubtedly notice a big improvement in power. The Triumph off-road exhaust with the dealer re-flash works extremely well. My Tiger absolutely screeeaaams.

I love my Tiger, though I miss the BMW a bit.
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