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Hi there,

I am going to replace the rear shock on the Bonnie and installed the Engine dresser bars from
I am trying to save some $ here after dealer told me he would charge me 1 hour ($80) to put my new shocks.

Questions are:
-What is the Torque for the shock screws and for the screw that holds the bottom part of the front engine to the frame? Can you please specify if your numbers are Foot-pound or Newton-metric?
-Then what drive size wrench should I get for metric screws ( 3/8, 1/2...)
Any decent TW that you can recommend ( I am a very occasional user though, not a pro ;-)
Thanks a bunch for your help.

I'll post picts of the Standard Bonnie once all mods are done. Nothing extreme, it still is the good old Bonnie not a wanna be Thrux or HD cruiser! and for reasonnable money overall. Wait till you see the Italian Tacho I found in Parma...It is a Bonnie fit and well, actually, kind of like the one on the Thrux....real cool ( 140.00 euros/170.00 USD)
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