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valve timing

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OK guys, I have a question about setting the cams/crank/timing up on my TT.

Motor dropped a valve six months ago, all back together now, but I couldn't put the crank on its timing mark when I torn it down.

The cams are OK and on the mark, but the centrifugal breather on the crank is supposed to point at about 3o'clock.

Problem is to keep the timing chain tight the breather is either pointing at 2o'clock or nearly 5o'clock position.

Adjusting the timing chain one tooth either way doesn't help.

So are the marks that far off, or did I mess up somewhere?

The bike is running, just seems really wimpy.Don't know if its the bike being "off " in timing or me being used to its replacement (06 Sprint ST).

Any opinions are welcome.

kubbie :???:
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It's kind of hard to see without being there, but from when I did my valve adjustment, here are a couple of things that might help.

On mine, the exhaust cam mark lined up perfectly with the head surface, but the intake cam mark was just slightly up. This is typical, and not a problem, but throws some off when lining everything up. The front part of the cam chain has to be very tight, with all of the slack in the rear for the cam chain tensioner to take up. When everything is lined up, with the breather mark on the case split line, it is hard to place the chain over the crank gear. So, slightly rotate the cams forward while holding tension on the front part of the chain. Do this until the chain just slips over the crank gear, and then rotate the cams back. This should leave the marks lined up, while having the front part of the cam chain tight.

Hopefully you didn't have any piston to valve contact if it was run too far off.
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