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vacuum fuel tap on Scrambler

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I replaced the original sticky Triumph fuel tap (sometimes required pliers to operate) with the dug's ba's of petrol taps, the Pingel. I had trouble with that leaking fuel out of the seal past the spindle (it's been returned for inspection) trouble was I had so much faith in it I binned the smelly Triumph one which put me off the road for a couple of days.

Anyhow, to the point. 'Slinky' on the classic triples forum replaced his dodgy tap some time ago with a Kawasaki one, today I did the same. Got a Kawasaki tap from a breaker for a fiver :)

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Yes, bike breakers here are the same thing as your salvage yards. The tap came from a recently broken (dismantled for spares) bike, but I don't know which model.

There are quite a few variants of vacuum tap, on the one I got the lever goes in a 180' arc from horizontal rear for off, through straight down for on, to horizontal forward for reserve.

Here's the link to the thread I got the idea from:Slinky's fuel tap mod'

If you look at the picture of my bike you can see the vacuum connection from the inlet stub, the fuel line is the larger rear facing hose.

Yes, the lacquer started lifting some time ago. Assuming the cases are made from the same metal as my t'bird sport's were, I'm going to let them go over the winter. Then when the salt is gone (about next Easter for us) I'll remove the lacquer and polish them up like I did with my t'bird sport. Once they're done I keep them 'oily rag' clean, like we used to do with the steam engines at the Strathspey railway. That keeps them reasonably shiny and corrossion free.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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