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vacuum fuel tap on Scrambler

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I replaced the original sticky Triumph fuel tap (sometimes required pliers to operate) with the dug's ba's of petrol taps, the Pingel. I had trouble with that leaking fuel out of the seal past the spindle (it's been returned for inspection) trouble was I had so much faith in it I binned the smelly Triumph one which put me off the road for a couple of days.

Anyhow, to the point. 'Slinky' on the classic triples forum replaced his dodgy tap some time ago with a Kawasaki one, today I did the same. Got a Kawasaki tap from a breaker for a fiver :)

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I contacted Pingel asking about a vacuum operated petcock, and they sent me the following information. I have not yet followed through with them. I began thinking about changing to a vacuum unit after forgetting to shut my Bonnie off overnight....several times. Luckily it didn't leak, but ....
Here's the info from Troy at Pingel:
Hi Bob, I think I can get you fixed up with one but I will need you to verify that the space between the two bolts that hold your valve on is 34mm or 1.338 inch. This is from center of bolt to center of bolt. Here is a little drawing attached, Then I would need to know if the valve is on the right or left side while your sitting on the bike. Then I need to know in what direction your fuel outlet faces, front, back or intword the engine?

Note on hooking up the vacuum unit - My W650 uses a vacuum petcock. A single vacuum line goes from the petcock to a "T" connection. From there, vacuum lines connect to the right and left Keihin CVK carbs (like ours). Unlike the ones on our Bonnies, these petcocks have three positions (1) Normal (2) Reserve (3) Prime - only used in the event you have run the bike totally out of gas and want to fill the float bowls.

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