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I recently purchased a set of really nice Altberg boots with hardly any wear on them but the previous owner wore them enough so they were obviously someone else's boots.

To shape the insole so that they fit me I soaked them in warm water for around 45 minutes, let them drip, stuck them in a big cardboard box with a hole cut in the top and used the wife's hair dryer to heat them up for around 30 minutes.

Then it was put them on, walk around a bit around the block, up and down stairs, etc. and then (lucky me!) slept with them on. This is a good way to make you hate your boots.

In the morning I walked around some more starting at 6AM, worked on a bike, rocked back and forth on my heels a few times. put on dry socks, spent the rest of the day wearing the boots both walking around and riding a motorcycle and now they're being reoiled.

By around 9AM they felt like "my boots", not someone who has a different gait.
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