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I just wanted to update everyone on the problem I had rejetting my carbs. To summarize, I was unable to change the pilot jets, and while trying a small piece of metal broke out of the surround below the pilot jet. So I took her into my local shop.

And here's the result. First, I had damaged the pilot screw trying to remove it--the tech said that he couldn't even read the top of it anymore. No harm, no foul--I was replacing it anyway. Also, the section of metal I chipped away was irrelevant to the operation of the motorcycle. *phew*!

I'm now running 135 mains (I think!), 42 pilots, thruxton needles, no shims and 3 turns out on the pilot screw. The tech did a spark plug check, and said everything looks AOK.

As for the Predators, *****, these pipes are spectacular! Many at the shop agreed they were the best sounding pipes they'd heard yet. The best part is that they really bring out the engine's unique character--they don't sound like any other motorcycle.

And here's the question. Accelleration seems spot on, when I tag the throttle hard. However, it seems like I have to give the bike a little more throttle than I used to when releasing the clutch from idle. I've always found that the Bonnie requires a bunch of throttle when releasing the clutch, it just seems a bit different now. Maybe it's just my imagination, because of the sound of the pipes (ie--I always gave it a bit of throttle, but it was so quiet that I couldn't tell).

Any thoughts? Could it still be running a bit lean? Or do you all find you have to goose the throttle to get her in gear?
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