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On 2006-12-07 12:57, tokarz33 wrote:
Is there a way to tell if its getting enough gas? May I am starving it.
i'm nowhere near as smart as some of these other guys, but in my experience it's tough to flood these things. so err on the side of drowning. that "tickle, kick (ignition off), re-tickle, kick (iginition on)" procedure that mecchanica reccomends works for me.

12 volts at the battery. hot spark, good wiring. idle screws in then out per manual or other instructions. if the battery's hot, sparks are strong and consistent, and you're slobbering gas out of the carbs, then what? timing? air leaks somewhere between carb and cylinders? bird nest in the intake manifold? good luck. don't hurt your knee.

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