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Go with a single carberator.Avoid double downtube frames made in @1960 for preunits. Double downtbes for units are ok. Hop it up at your own risk. I detune mine for easy starts and lower octane requirement, dependability no pinging. or preignition.
I also do away with all of the wiring and rewire the simplist way for function . If you go for factory original wiring good luck. You will have to depend on a harness made from ?.
Rubber mount coils, if you use them. and the haead and tail light,. I use rubber grommets and self locking screws..

I also run a magneto and that keeps the rest of the electrical system seperated from the ignition.

Most of all, think things trhrough and have fun. If things get heavy, just cool it for a few days.
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