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Tyre Suggestion for Legend

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What type of Tyres should I consider for my Legend for use in Upstate NY where we currently have between 6-8 feet of Snow on the ground? :-D
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My 99 Legend and I also live upstate New York. For tires....Michelin Pilot Road.....any road any weather.
8 TO 10K miles depending on how close to the cords my wallet required at the time. As for the BattLax...4K for the 01s, Maybe 6 for the 02s. Metzler z4s (I think) maybe 6K and they wore funny but that may have been due to improper balance (by me) from the start.

If you find any even more durable please let me know.

Good luck ....Hagrid
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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