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So I am interested in adding a special port to my Tiger 800 XCX 2018 to allow easier jumpstarts.
I am envisioning a SEA plug wired to the battery, which I can plug a jumpstart powerbank (eg a HUMMER 6000mah) to
for easier jumpstarts (no need to get access to the battery itself

(I want to do the same to my son's small Honda CB190R which also has the battery i a place that
accessing it is inconvenient, esp with larger clamps)

So I would just wire an SAE plug to ring terminals on the battery. But is this safe for the Tiger's electrics?
I also have a camera wired to the battery (and will want to add USB port etc)

As such, I have been looking at PDM60, Amplink but it seems Rowe Electronics has a new version coming up, the IPDM that supports the canbus. IPDM Details | rowe

Does anyone have any thoughts about whether this is preferable over a PDM60 or Amplink? Or are there any other similar devices that I should look at? What does this measn:

"The I/O is fully multiplexed, using CAN bus or Bluetooth, which allows user to simplify wiring designs for ease of installation."

As an added precaution, I would want to be able to switch off any additional consumers (camera, USB charger etc) while jumpstarting. If I don't use an amplink/PDM to do this, what would be a recommended switch for motorcycle use (weatherproof under seat?)
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